My previously published novels include the three-book CyberHuman series and the Universal Magic twin-book which contains two unrelated short novels. The DreamQuest series is a collection of short stories, novellas, and full length novels all adapted from the author's actual dreams.

Cyberhuman Series Synopsis'
   Cyberneural Symbiote
   Star Blockade
Universal Magic

       Desert Dreams
       Color of Justice
       The Great One
       Baggage Check
       Gene and Me
       Hydrate Miners

'Cyberneural Symbiote' Synopsis

Cyberneural Symbiote is book one in the cyberhuman series.

The Baylor are a carnivorous, warrior race who have slowly spread their Empire across a sphere of space with their homeworld at its center, enslaving or annihilating all sentient species within that sphere. Earth, currently occupied by a covert vanguard, is soon to be engulfed by that expanding sphere. It is up to Draco Moon, using the nanotechnology given to him by a friendly half plant, half animal alien to defeat the Baylor. He must do this in secret, without the rest of humanity knowing there is an invasion in progress, or that invasion timeline will be advanced.

~written by Rick A. Mullins

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'Star Blockade' Synopsis

Star Blockade is book two in the cyberhuman series.

Draco Moon's secret, cyberhuman army has driven the Baylor from Earth. They must now secure the gravity vortex jump points to Sol and the conquered Baylorian worlds in the Centauri system, that are the only way to travel between stars. Just when Draco's cyberhuman forces are sure to form their star blockade, the Centauri Baylor invent a faster than light mode of travel that doesn't use the gravity vortex tunnels, giving them a distinct advantage in space warfare.

~written by Rick A. Mullins

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'Liberation' Synopsis

Liberation is the last of the cyberhuman trilogy.

After perfecting an FTL system independent of gravity vortex tunnels, the majority of the baylor have fled the Centauri system on three battle moons made from the remains of their mobile construction facilities driven from the Barnard's Star system.

Controlling all FTL gravity vortex tunnel gateways into and out of the twin Centauri star system and taking control of the orbital high ground, Draco Moon's cyberhumans must now pry the remaining baylor from the two habitable planets and liberate the furred wolfen race from baylorian enslavement.

Draco must take the two worlds of the twin star Centauri system while simultaneously expanding the defensive sphere around both the Centauri system and the system of Sol. Those defenses must be strong enough to defend humanity from the main Baylorian Empire.

While defending from a possible attack from the warrior Baylorian Empire across an ever expanding star border, Draco's cyber army has to subdue individual baylorian family estates all across the surface of both planets in the Centauri system. Rioting and vengeance killings by angry wolfen emboldened by pending freedom make this task even more difficult.

~ written by Rick A. Mullins

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'Universal Magic' Synopsis

'Universal Magic' is two books in one.

The Universal half, Upline Downline, is about parallel universe travel. The simian looking Golden are fleeing a repressive religious government when they arrive on Earth. The Golden refugees offer crossline technology in exchange for assistance and protection from those who pursue them. The family of Mike Miller, using the benefits of the American Constitution's second amendment, accepts that offer.

The Magic half, Mai'jx, of the book is about energy beings who live in the Oort cloud. The Mai 'JX use the excess electrical energy of biologic beings as a food source. Over the billions of years of the life of the solar system, they have tapped this source of biological 'suits' to strengthen them as they defend their natural resource from the Centauri Mai 'JX, who make the long journey between stars to pirate a food source they do not have. The battle has eliminated life on Mars and nearly eliminated life on Earth during each Centauri incursion. This time, the Sol Mai 'JX discover that their food source has attained sentience.

~ written by Rick A. Mullins

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